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January 2015
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In Episode 3 of their podcast, Jim DeRogatis and Carmél Carrillo review the season finales of AMC’s The Walking Dead and HBO’s Girls.First, though, they discuss quick-and-casual bites at Chicago's Eleven City Diner (1112 S. Wabash Ave.)Epic Burger and Big & Little’s (1034 W. Belmont Ave.), as well heading out of town to Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Mich., and Lambert’s Downtown Barbecue in Austin, Texas.


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On the second episode of their new podcast, Jim DeRogatis and Carmel Carrillo review season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix and The Americans on FX, with a few bonus thoughts from Carmel on ABC’s Scandal. Plus: The duo talks about some great meals at Chef Zoe Schor’s Ada Street (1664 N. Ada St., Chicago) and Christine Cikowski and Josh Kulp's Honey Butter Fried Chicken (3361 N. Elston, Chicago).

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Welcome to Jim + Carmel's TV + Dinner, a new podcast from Jim DeRogatis and Carmel Carrillo!

As the co-host of Public Radio's rock 'n' roll talk show Sound Opinions  and a journalist and critic for WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, Jim DeRogatis is well known for voicing his opinions -- but those almost always are about music. A much quieter and kinder person overall, his wife Carmel Carrillo edits the Dining section and television stories for The Chicago Tribune, but she has plenty of opinions, too. On Jim + Carmel's TV + Dinnerthey'll talk about two of their favorite things: television and the dining scene, both in Chicago and farther afield.

In this debut episode, the duo tackles HBO's True Detective and Fox's The Following; they wrap up Season 11 of Bravo's Top Chef, and they talk about recent meals at Chicago's Karyn’s on Green (130 S. Green St.), Fiorentino’s (2901 N. Ashland Ave.), and the Bedford (1612 W. Division St.).

Grab the remote and a snack and enjoy!

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